Science & Expert work

Ensus Consulting offers Science & Expert work to solve specific hygiene issues related to the matrices

  • water and air: using biocidal products & treatment technologies
  • food and feed: using biocidal products & disinfection technologies
  • organic wastes and manures: using biological processing technologies (composting, anaerobic digestion, etc…)

Ensus Consulting can help in a variety of ways:

1. Innovation: studies and projects

  • ‘Innovation’ includes desk studies and research projects. Literature and patent research are examples of desk studies. A first audit is made starting with a desk study allowing to suggest a theoretical solution for the problem. Subsequently a practical solution is developed e.g. on laboratory, pilot and/or industrial scale. Projects are often realised in cooperation with universities and research institutes and with financial support from national or European institutes (research or innovation grants).
  • Completed innovation studies and projects: In total more than 50 academic and industrial projects have been completed, including projects funded by IWT, the Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology, the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) of Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, the European Commission, etc.. Next to academic projects an extensive list of industrial innovation projects has been completed in collaboration with (inter)national beverage & food companies, many SMEs, water production facilities, waste treatment facilities, health care facilities, and others, concerning the following topics:
    • Water hygiene
    • Bioremediation (e.g. pesticide polluted water and organic waste streams)
    • Solid waste hygiene
    • Food hygiene
    • Other fields (e.g. human and public hygiene & personal care).

2. Speaking, writing, instructing on topics of expertise

Ensus Consulting offers the following services:


  • Lecturing on (inter)national meetings, workshops and conferences for a professional audience, concerning hygiene issues of water and solid waste management.
  • Water: e.g. TNAV Workshops “Innovative water technologies of industry” (2008 & 2010), etc.
  • Solid waste management: e.g. Overview and prediction of hygienisation during anaerobic digestion and pasteurization processes. KTBL workshop, 14 November 2011, Berlin, Germany, etc.

Writing technical or scientific reports:

  • As dedicated partner or subcontractor in your project we can offer comprehensive support, including writing of all required project reports;
  • Evaluation reports are written for financing governmental institutions such as the Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra; UK), etc.;
  • Study reports or guidelines are written or reviewed based on our experience as a member of expert committees, e.g. concerning sanitary water (Legionella), swimming pools, hygienic aspects of waste processing technologies for organic waste/manure including composting, anaerobic digestion, pasteurisation, heat drying, etc.

Writing scientific papers:

  • As dedicated partner or subcontractor in your project we can offer all necessary support to protect your results (in cooperation with a patent office) and/or, to publish the most important results in a scientific journal

Writing of Due diligence reports for Venture Capital groups, including:

  • Assisting the evaluation procedure that precedes the decision to provide risk capital with focus on technological, IP and market potential (due diligence research), and
  • Guiding innovating industries in the start-up phase, e.g. after injection of risk capital, and focussing on a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Writing of Expert reports

  • Expert assessments are conducted for (agro-)industries, lawyers, tribunals and insurance companies concerning environmental issues, claims, etc.